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Using a wood furnace can be a very rewarding experience. But...

Be smoke conscious. Breathing wood smoke has been shown to be hazardous to people’s health. This is not only true for the person who tends the fire, but for the people and neighbors that surround it.

If you have a neighbor within 500 feet of your wood stove, be sure to add enough to your chimney to get above the roofline of their home.

Locate your wood furnace so that it is convenient to get wood to it, but if possible, out of view of other homes. Realize you are always going to have piles of wood around it, buckets with ashes etc. You do not want to have this out where everyone will see it and will complain about the mess.

Please realize that wood stoves are good at doing what they are designed to do, burn wood. Some people buy stoves with the impression that they will only be filling it every couple days, or that they don't hold anymore wood than an inside fireplace. This simply is not the case. You will be filling it 2 times a day most of the winter if you size it properly. Depending on how well your house is insulated and how much you are heating, you might use 5 pickup loads of wood a year or even up to 30 load of wood.

If you do not have a good supply of good wood, do not buy a outdoor wood furnace. These stoves can save you a lot of money, but if you have to pay for your wood it will take a long time to recover your expenses.


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