Royall Furnace
Royall Furnace  

Why Choose A Royall Furnace?

Built in the northern climate of Wisconsin, Royall Furnaces are designed for rugged winters. Our local climate allows Royall to test and develop all of our furnace products properly and to make improvements to our wood furnaces where we see fit.

The Royall furnace brand is designed for many years of quality service while maintaining high internal temperatures. We are committed to building the best performing and longest lasting wood furnaces available anywhere.

Deciding which wood furnace to buy can be a tough choice, if you’ve already been heating with wood and are looking for a replacement wood furnace, Royall has a huge range of wood furnace sizes to meet your demands.

Working in the wood heating business has taught us that no one can tell you exactly what stove to buy, personal preference influence the final choice. Royall furnace can be a great resource when buying a wood furnace. We've been in the wood furnace business for a number of years and we heat our home and business with wood furnaces. Royall continues to honor our warranty and carry replacement parts for all of our older wood furnace models.

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