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The Royall Furnace is designed to burn either seasoned, split cordwood or coal.

The furnace can be installed as a stand-alone unit, or can tie into an existing gas, oil, or electric furnace System.

If tying into an existing heating system, the Royall furnace can be installed either in series or in parallel with the existing furnace.

When installed in parallel with the existing furnace, a new cold air return duct is routed to a circulation blower that is attached to the back of the Royall furnace. The hot air duct out of the furnace attaches to the hot air duct above the existing furnace. A pair of back draft dampers are required at the hot air outlet of the furnace and the furnace.

Each furnace and furnace is controlled by a separate thermostat. When installed in series with an existing furnace, the cold air flows first through the existing furnace and then through the Royall furnace. This application does not require a second circulation blower, but does require that the existing furnace be a counter flow design.

The combustion process is driven by a draft blower mounted on the front of the appliance. When the room thermostat calls for heat, the draft blower starts adding combustion air to increase the fire intensity. If the exiting air temperature exceeds 200 F, the draft blower shuts down to prevent overheating. Standard models have a manual damper on the draft blower that balances the draft rate. An optional solenoid flapper assembly is available for the blower which ensures positive shutdown.

The circulation blower is controlled by an fan limit control that senses the exiting air temperature. The control starts the circulation blower when air temperature is above 170 F. The circulation blower moves heated air through the duct work and registers. If the air temperature falls below 130 F, the control turns the circulation blower off . The blower will turn back on once air temperature rises back above 170 F.

It is recommend that A MASTER switch be installed to interrupt electrical power to the furnace.

A FAN switch is used to interrupt power to the draft blower reducing the fire prior to opening the loading door. A safety latch on both the loading door and the ash door allow unburned gases to combust prior to opening the door. Always pause between the first latch and the safety latch to minimize furnace flare backs.

BL60 Draft Fan
BL100 Draft Fan
BL148 Draft Fan
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