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What is RSS?
RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" an easy way to deliver information, updates, and news. By subscribing to a sites RSS feed, you receive updates without actually having to visit the website.

RSS is normally used for news websites, however, more and more websites are starting to utilize this technology because it makes it easier for web surfers to get the information they need.

How Can I View RSS Feeds?
Several RSS viewers are available online. Try a search for "online RSS Viewer" to get started.

RSS feeds, the files themselves, do not do very much. If you try to view one in your web browser all you'll see is the raw XML language used to create the the feed. The raw RSS file is somewhat readable in the browser, however the text is used by other programs that broadcast this information to people using RSS, and the editorial content, graphics, and products of the Royall furnace website, unless otherwise noted, are the products of Ark Alloy. LLC. The information presented on, is copyrighted as collective work. Any unauthorized reproduction, by any means, mechanical or electronic, without the express written permission of Ark Alloy, LLC is strictly prohibited. "Royall Furnace" and is a trademark and service mark of Ark Alloy, LLC.

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