Traditional Series Indoor Wood Furnace

Boilers Made In The USA

8095 NS Indoor Wood Furnace
95,000 BTU

8095 NS Indoor Residential Wood Furnace

8130 NS Indoor Wood Furnace
130,000 BTU

8130 NS Indoor Residential Wood Furnace

8150 NS Indoor Wood Furnace
150,000 BTU

8150 NS Indoor Residential Wood Furnace

The residential furnace tradition that started in 1968 continues today with our efficient wood burning furnace design. This series of indoor wood furnaces are designed with a forced drafting system that directs the air below the cast iron grates and burns the wood from the bottom up.

Our hand crafted indoor wood furnaces are manufactured with state of the art equipment,and built to code and precision time and time again.

Here in the dairy land state of Wisconsin, our winters can be pretty cold, this is an ideal testing environment for any usage in any location.
These indoor furnaces have withstood the test of time, and ensure a warm and happy home or business.