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Wood Furnace Frequently Asked Questions

Which wood furnace model best fits my needs?
Depending on the size of the area being heated and type of space you need to heat, Royall offers indoor and outdoor wood furnaces for any application. For correct sizing of a Royall furnace, please contact your local wood furnace dealer. Check our indoor and outdoor wood furnace models for more detailed information.

What wood furnace sizes are available from Royall?
Royall offers indoor wood furnaces that heat homes from 1,000 square feet up to 3,500 square feet. Contact a local dealer for specific information.

How long will my Royall outdoor furnace last?
With proper maintenance, your Royall wood furnace will heat your home or office comfortably for 20 to 30 years.

How hard is it to install a Royall furnace?
Installing your Royall wood furnace is simpler than you can ever imagine. All outdoor wood furnaces come fully assembled, our installation manuals will guide you through the installation process. Royall indoor wood furnaces require a little assembly. Your dealer will offer installation, please contact your local dealer to schedule complete professional installation or guidance

How often will I need to fill the Royall furnace?
Depending on the fuel you use in your Royall furnace will dictate the amount of times needed to fill your wood furnace. Typically, you will refill the furnace twice a day in colder weather. Contact a dealer about typical fills for your area.

Can I install a Royall furnace if I live in town?
It's not recommended to install an outdoor wood furnace in a Metropolitan area, however, Royall indoor wood furnaces are a perfect fit for those close confined areas. Consider the height of the stack and always remember to comply with all state and local codes.

How often do I need to clean out ashes?
Ash removal is extremely easy with our ash pan. Our ash pan is built with a separate access door for your safety in removing the ash while the unit is under load. It is important to clean out your ashes on a weekly or daily basis. The ash pan should be emptied as needed, every 4 days depending on heat load. At the end of the heating season, it is very important to clean out all ash deposits from the fire box. Cover the chimney to not allow moisture to enter into these areas. Moisture mixed with ash can create damage to the wood furnace.

How do I get technical support?
Technical Support is best offered by your local dealer. If you need additional assistance, you can find additional technical support for your wood furnace on our support page or by calling us at 800-944-2516 x.210

What about emissions in the Royall furnace?
Some states and local agencies have put into place requirements on outdoor wood fired furnaces. Please check with your state or local officials for requirements on outdoor wood furnaces in your area.

What if I need parts?
To order replacement parts, please contact your local dealer or view our online store at

Are the controls on a Royall furnace complicated?
Absolutely not, Royall uses controls that are tried and true in the industry.

What is creosote and how can I reduce it?
When wood is burned slowly, it produces tar and other organic vapors, which combine with expelled moisture to form a nasty product referred to as creosote. The creosote vapors condense in the relatively cool chimney flue of a slow burning fire. As a result, creosote residue accumulates on the flue lining. When ignited, this creosote makes a hot fire. The chimney connector and chimney should be inspected at least weekly by you to ensure everything is working correctly, and yearly by a professional to ensure proper operation and safety. If creosote has accumulated it should be removed to reduce the risk of a chimney fire. In the case of a chimney fire, Royall is not liable for damages to the furnace or your personal property.

What's the best practice in burning wood in a Royall furnace?
Paper and kindling should be used for starting the fire. When loading your wood into your Royall furnace, the best practice is to load the wood towards the back of the furnace first and then towards the front. Royall recommends burning cut, split and dried seasoned hardwood. Do not overfill the unit so that hot coals fall out of the wood furnace when opening the fuel door. After burning wood or coal in your furnace for a period of time, you will discover how much wood is needed per day and what types of wood burn best for you. Also look at the best burn practice for additional information.

Can I use a Royall product with my existing forced air system in my house?
Absolutely, this is a common application of an indoor wood furnace. When installing your furnace do not forget a back draft damper. This allows your gas furnace to turn back on when your wood furnace gets low on fuel.